2024-03: Aesthetics of Joy-Part 4; Absolute Word-Service

Part 4 of being all about JOY as a way of releasing ’23 and embracing ’24! We share our experience of the questions that are at the beginning Ingrid Fetell Lee’s book, Joyful! These questions will help you explore how joy is or is not part of your life.

The Absolute Word is Service, from January 14, 2024. The Absolute Word can be found on Paul’s websitepaulhasselbeck.com, as his weekly blog. You can also find his calendar listing all of Paul’s upcoming activities both live and virtual.

You can find Bil and Cher’s website by going to GCSAcommunity.org and their products at HoltonProductMall.com.

Click here to hear Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Ted Talk, and click here for the Joyspotting handout.

Click here for the book, Joyful, by Ingrid Fetell Lee.