2021-19: Designing Your Life-Part 3; Absolute Word-Strength

Designing Your Life – Part 3 – How to use design thinking to create a happier life for yourself by Bill Burnett – Life Design Lab with Dave Evans. We begin examining the remaining 4 ideas for “Designing Your Life” to try out. #2 – Recognize your gravity problems. #3 – Brainstorm your possible futures and make three Odyssey Plans. #4 – Build some prototypes. #5 – Choose well!.


2021-16: Ultradian Rhythms-Part 3; Absolute Word-Pray With Others

Ultradian Rhythms (Cycles) Part 3! How to get the best out of your mind and body! Increase productivity, energy and will power! These rhythms are baked in and hard wired … so … we might as well work with them than against them. As a bonus, learn about ATP, ADP and mitochondria!


2021-15: Ultradian Rhythms-Part 2; Absolute Word-Imagine

Ultradian Rhythms … or if you prefer, Ultradian Cycles Part 2. We explore why they are important, indicators of when we need to take a break, and tie ins to our Spiritual Identity. Once we get the hang of them, we will boost our productivity, energy, and willpower.


2021-13: Surge Capacity-Part 2; Absolute Word-Hosanna

We continue to explore an article from Medium.com entitled, Your “Surge Capacity” is Depleted – Its why you feel awful. We dig deeper into how to rejuvenate and replenish it. Yes, we add our metaphysical angle to this phenomenon. We look at grief, reframing and something Bil and Cher call the AC/DC Model, as well as “both-and” thinking.