2022-03: Plateaus and Cul-de-Sacs; Absolute Word-Rise Up

Metaphysical/Spiritual Podcast: We took a stroll around plateaus, cul-de-sacs, and stair cases as metaphors for our spiritual journey. These all represent times when we can feel stuck or frustrated in our journey – and we share how to use these metaphors to continue to enrich your spirituality so you can master the art of living!


2021-35: Consciousness Revisited; Absolute Word-Balance

This week we revisit consciousness adding a third component to our definition based on an article from the National Institutes of Health entitled, “Biological Bases of Consciousness: Mechanisms of Arousal and Cerebral Integrative Function.” We focus on the section entitled, “A clinically relevant definition of consciousness.” We explore the three components and how they relate to radical self-responsibility and being the best we can be.
The Absolute Word is “Balance,” from September 5, 2021!


2021-34: Affirmations-Part 2; Absolute Word-Awareness

Take 2! on I Don’t Like Affirmations by Darius Foroux found on “Medium.com,” a blog curator. Last week we looked at the first three. This week we look at number 4 – 7: #4 – “Get it done and move on” and the 10 minute jump start, doing it with joy and the pencil technique!; #5 – “almost there, almost there” and cutting things up into digestible pieces; #6 – So what! So What! and adding the word yet; and #7 – Let’s go!


2021-33: Affirmations-Part 1; Absolute Word-Inspiration

Romping with an article from “Medium,” a blog post curator site, entitled, “I Don’t Like Affirmations – But These 7 Actually Work” by Darius Foroux. We explore three of them: “You’ve done it in the past, so you can do it now;” “Do it today, not tomorrow;” and “Learn to love it,” my least favorite. We share how an affirmation is “supposed” to be constructed.
The Absolute Word is “Inspiration.”


2021-32: Joy of Giving; Absolute Word-JOY

Romping with the joy of giving … the Principles of Joy, Benevolence and Generosity! What is the impact … the neurobiological impact of joy and generosity? What does D.O.S.E stand for … and learn about the Domino Effect!
The Absolute Word is “Joy.”


2021-31: Desire-Part 3; Absolute Word-Protection

Desire … take 3! “Desire goes before every act of your life …” Cher reprises the Law of Mind Action and the Law of Manifestation. “Get off your you know what!” and discover the meme created from that.
The Absolute Word is “Protection.”