Who Are These Three Co-Hosts of The Metaphysical Romp2 Podcast?

Bil-Cher-floorshot-smallRevs. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton

Combine a flair for the dramatic, a deep understanding of MetaSpiritual teachings, an ability to think outside the box, and a knack for bringing scientific research and spiritual practices to life in practical ways, and you have defined the dynamic duo who are at the heart of The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening.

Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton bring quite a background of experience and depth of knowledge to this special ministry. It all began back in 1984, when together they founded The Holton Consulting Group, Inc., which is still alive and well today! They have worked with clients in the U.S., Canada, Germany, England, and South America, with a mission of leading, guiding, and inspiring people and organizations to live productively and joyfully at the speed of life … one choice at a time. Their impressive client list includes Fortune 100 companies, healthcare facilities, universities, associations and government agencies.

As a subsidiary of their consulting firm, the Holtons created two publishing enterprises: Liberty Publishing Group (focusing on professional and personal development publications) and Prosperity Publishing House (focusing on books for spiritual enrichment and education). They have published over 50 titles, including The Manager’s Short Course to a Long Career (ISBN1-893095-00-2) which was selected by SoundView Executive Summaries as one of their Top 30 Business Books, and New Metaphysical Versions of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John — the first ever verse-by-verse metaphysical interpretation of the four Gospels.

In 2005, the Holtons made the decision to follow their hearts, and entered into a spiritual training program that has led them to become ordained Unity ministers. After eight years serving in the pulpit ministry, they are now committed to a more global ministry throughThe Global Center for Spiritual Awakening. Their spiritual mission is to lead, guide, and inspire people all over the world to awaken to their Divine Nature so they can live faithfully, lovingly, and wisely at the speed of their Enlightenment.

More About Rev. Dr. Bil

Bil-Holton-OutOfBox-webRev. Dr. Bil Holton has been writing, speaking, coaching, and publishing for over 30 years. Rev. Bil has a solid reputation for his strength of character, engaging personality, and strong work ethic. His metaphysical teachings and his ability to bring spiritual Truth into such clarity that people are able to walk the spiritual path with practical feet put him in high demand as a teacher and spiritual coach. When he isn’t involved in work and research, Bil enjoys golf, travel, jigsaw puzzles, the theatre, and landscaping.

More About Rev. Dr. Cher

cher-clapboard-smallRev. Dr. Cher Holton claims her name is an acronym for her personal mission: Creating Hope, Enthusiasm, and Results … and she brings her zest for living and her practical applications of Truth principles to everything she does. Her background includes being a “Preacher’s Kid,” a Certified Speaking Professional, and a Certified Management Consultant, which make her a much-sought-after facilitator, speaker, and coach. When she isn’t involved in spiritual work and study, Cher enjoys a good mystery novel, crossword & logic puzzles, the theatre, travel, and design work.

Behind the Scenes with Bil & Cher

On a personal note, the Holtons like to push the envelope and maintain their zest for life by taking what they call “Indiana Jones Adventures,” such as white-water rafting, sky diving, and fire walking. American-style ballroom dancing is also in their DNA. Although they have retired their competitive dance shoes, Bil and Cher love to perform ballroom showcases and exhibitions. Their two sons, beautiful daughters-in-law, and six incredible grandchildren all live nearby. Their visits are always joyful.


Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck is one of Unity’s leading Metaphysics authorities and has had a major role in bringing Unity’s Metaphysics into the 21st century.  With a genuine passion for clarity, precision and making Unity teachings understandable. Paul guides people to awaken awareness and deepen understanding. He is well versed in the published and unpublished writings of Myrtle and Charles Fillmore. Paul teaches and speaks around the United States.

180217 Paul Hasselbeck PicPaul has written or co-written the following books:

Point of Power

Heart-Centered Metaphysics

Applying Heart-Centered Metaphysics with Rev. Dr. Cher Holton

PowerUP with Rev. Dr. Cher Holton

PowerUP Your Life the Rev. Drs. Cher and Bil Holton

Get Over It with Rev. Dr. Bil Holton

Get Over These with Rev. Dr. Bil Holton

Unity and A Course in Miracles with Rev. Bill Heller


Paul has been hosting or co-hosting a version of Metaphysical Romp for over 10 years.

He also posts a weekly blog, The Absolute Word, The Sunday Daily Word written in more Absolute and Oneness language.

He has served as an adjunct faculty member for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute; teaches for Unity School of Christianity of Great Britain, was a full time faculty member for Unity Institute; Dean of the Spiritual Education and Enrichment program for Unity Institute; retreat minister for Unity Village and Minister of Pastoral Care and Prayer for Unity Church of Overland Park, Kansas.