Tree of Life-2; Trinity; Law of Immutable Good; Faith-2018Dec3

Exploring the Law of Good and the Law of Immutable Good led us to a discovery of how Myrtle handled difficult people! At the break we pivoted to Bil’s book, Rev. Bil Unplugged and Unedited. We continued with the Tree of Life and then took a deep dive into the Trinity – or more precisely Bil’s Trinities!


ThanksLIVING and Law of God-2018Nov12

Exploring the Law of God in Action which Charles Fillmore defined as the Holy Spirit referring to it as both male and female! We dive deep into our own understanding …


Syzygy and the Law of God-2018Nov5

We are definitely playing in the deep end of the Law of God! The focus is on our inner self, the importance of Spiritual Substance, Faith, and understanding. Then we …