Cosmic Lotus, Walking Your Talk, Law of Knowing-2019May13

Spiritual podcast, Metaphysical Romp 2, with Rev, Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Bil Holton, and Rev. Cher Holton. Exploring the Law of Knowing, Walking Your Talk, and the Absolute Word, Resurrection.

Exploring the Law of Divine Knowing! There is knowing based experience and then there is blind experience.

In Bil’s book, Rev. Bil Unplugged and Undedited, we took a deep dive into Walking Your talk! Bil tells us, “When it comes to walking our talk, we prefer backbone to wishbone!

This week’s Absolute Words are Ressurection – Easter. You can find the Absolute Word for April 21, 2019 at Paul’s blog. There is lots of other useful information at our resource page.