2022-24: Enlightenment and the Brain-Part 2; Absolute Word-Blessing Fathers

Part 2 of a series based on the book by Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman entitled, How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain. In this episode we share about various religions and enlightenment. We review the benefits of “e” enlightenment and wrap up with the benefits of “E” Enlightenment.

The Absolute Word was “Blessing Fathers” from June 19, 2022. The Absolute Word can be found on Paul’s websitepaulhasselbeck.com, as his weekly blog.

You can find Bil and Cher’s website by going to UCFYP.com (Unity Center for YOUniversal Prosperity) and their products at HoltonProductMall.com.

You can purchase the book we are using for this series, How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain, here.