2022-20: Third Eye-Part 1; Absolute Word-Forgive

Today we dive into A Global Center for Spiritual Awakening “White Light” Paper entitled, “How to Open Your Third Eye, Entering a Realm of Expanded Awareness and Activating Your Sixth Sense.”  We will be exploring our third eye and intuition. What is our “spidey sense?”

The Absolute Word was “Forgive” from May 22, 2022. The Absolute Word can be found on Paul’s websitepaulhasselbeck.com, as his weekly blog.

You can find Bil and Cher’s website by going to UCFYP.com (Unity Center for YOUniversal Prosperity) and their products at HoltonProductMall.com.

You can purchase the White Light Paper “How to Open Your Third Eye” here.