2022-13: Debunking the Law of Attraction; Absolute Word-Divine Order

Today’s program explores or, rather, debunks the Law of Attraction as commonly understood. With thing it is more like a law of distraction since it misdirects people away from how things really work. Bil and Cher replace it with the Law of Manifestation, and I replace it with the Law of Affinity. In fact, the Law of Affinity and the Law of Manifestation kind of work together!

The Absolute Word was “Dvine Order” from March 24, 2022. The Absolute Word can be found on Paul’s website, paulhasselbeck.com, as his weekly blog.

You can find Bil and Cher’s website by going to UCFYP.com (Unity Center for YOUniversal Prosperity) and their products at HoltonProductMall.com.

Here is a poster that shares the YOUniversal Prosperity Principle of Manifestation we discuss (right click to open a large-size image, or to download it)