2021-05: Unity Premises-Part 13 – Prayer; Absolute Word-Oneness

Premises reviewed:

  • Prayer is an activity for conditioning our minds.
  • See only the DIVINE, UNIVERSAL POTENTIAL or, more traditionally, the CHRIST in others. 

 This is our concluding episode about Premises! We explore prayer and how we use it to condition our minds. We also explore the “Christ” or seeing the DIVINE in others. Not only do we put God – our DIVINITY – first in us but we also must put the other person’s DIVINITY first too.

The Absolute Word was “Oneness” from January 24, 2021! The Absolute Word can be found on Paul’s website, paulhasselbeck.com, as his weekly blog.

You can find Bil and Cher’s website by going to UCFYP.com (Unity Center for YOUniversal Prosperity) or HoltonProductMall.com for products.