2021-12: Surge Capacity; Absolute Word-Energy

We explore an article from Medium.com entitled, Your “Surge Capacity” is Depleted – Its why you feel awful. We explore what happens when our surge capacity or bandwidth is depleted. What it is, why it is happening to so many people now and how to manage it. Yes, we add our metaphysical angle to this phenomenon.


2021-11: Prosperity-Part 5; Absolute Word-Inner Peace

Prosperity! Part 5 – This is the last of our Prosperity series, and we call this one Prosperity Myth Busters! We explore the Principle of Manifestation, define principle in a wider context, explore the acronyms SOS and MONEY … and more!


2021-10: Prosperity-Part 4; Absolute Word-World Peace

Prosperity! Part 3 of looking at some choice paragraphs from Charles Fillmore’s Prosperity book found on pages 23 – 24. You can and you do demonstrate the LAW! Did you know you are strong, immovable Spirit Substance? You are … and find out just what that is.


2021-06: High-Fiving the 12 Powers; Absolute Word-NOW

We explore the 5 things we need to know to get the best out of the 12 Powers. The 12 Powers are 12 Divine Ideas and we can also call them 12 Principles. In our Divinity they are ABSOLUTE and ideal. In our humanity we experience them as innate abilities that we use to manifest our personalities and our bodies.


2021-05: Unity Premises-Part 13 – Prayer; Absolute Word-Oneness

This is our concluding episode about Premises! We explore prayer and how we use it to condition our minds. We also explore the “Christ” or seeing the DIVINE in others. Not only do we put God – our DIVINITY – first in us but we also must put the other person’s DIVINITY first too.


2021-04: Unity Premises-Part 12 – Meditation; Absolute Word-Dream

2021-04-Unity Premises -12
In this episode as we continue our deeper dive into Unity’s Premises we continue exploring the Premises about Practices. This week we dive into Meditation, which we believe is a non-negotiable in our spiritual evolvement! Discover how meditation is like sports — and take to heart our soundbyte: Meditation aligns our human nature with our Divine Nature.

2021-03: Unity Premises-Part 11 – Denials-Affirmations; Absolute Word-Prosperity

2021-03-Unity Premises -11
In this episode as we continue our deeper dive into Unity’s Premises we begin exploring the Premises about Practices. And what could be more Unity like than a deep dive into denials (releases) and affirmations (assertions) and how to really use them! Emilie Cady called it the constant repetition of TRUTH to unclothe the mind and to clothe it anew. Today we could say uninstalling unwanted beliefs while installing new ones! It is not a one and done thing!