2020-16: Oneness of Everything (Spinoza)-3; Absolute Word-FAITH

Part 3 of “Spinoza: Substance.” We explore how Spinoza’s understanding of Substance has a remarkable resemblance to New Thought’s understanding. Coincidence or ? Retro-causation, Does God have a cause? And … Principle, Idea or Attribute … which is the better term?


2020-15: Oneness of Everything (Spinoza)-2; Absolute Word-Use PRINCIPLE

Part 2 of “Spinoza: The Oneness of Everything.” We wrap up our exploration of and dip our toes into Substance. Along the way, there is another Bil-ism! Listen for it! Is God expressing? Is God actualizing? Just what, if anything, is God up to? Listen as we pick apart the philosophies of Spinoza’s time!