2022-17: Evolution-Part 1; Absolute Word-Joy

MetaSpritual Podcast-Evolution – ‘The Force’ That Is With Us by Ervin Laszlo. We explore tropism and holotropism in particular that biases interactions in the universe toward wholeness, coherence, and oneness.


2022-15: Consciousness-Part 2; Absolute Word-Easter

Spiritual Podcast: T– We continue exploring a blog post by Ervin Laszlo entitled, The Consciousness Revolution. The long and short of it … consciousness is NOT an epiphenomenon of the brain. Consciousness could and does exist beyond the brain.


2022-13: Debunking the Law of Attraction; Absolute Word-Divine Order

Spiritual Podcast: Today’s program explores or, rather, debunks the Law of Attraction as commonly understood. With thing it is more like a law of distraction since it misdirects people away from how things really work. Bil and Cher replace it with the Law of Manifestation, and I replace it with the Law of Affinity. In fact, the Law of Affinity and the Law of Manifestation kind of work together!


2022-12: Forgiveness-Part 3; Absolute Word-Positivity

On Forgiveness – Part 3. We continue our exploration of the 7 keys from “The Freedom of Forgiveness; 7 Keys.” In this episode we looked at numbers 5 – 7 plus some things learned from Paul’s work with Attitudinal Healing.


2022-11: Forgiveness-Part 2; Absolute Word-Light

On Forgiveness – Part 2. We continue our exploration of the 7 keys … not steps, but foundational things from “The Freedom of Forgiveness; 7 Keys.” In this episode we looked at numbers 3 – 7. We share about finding “good” in even this, grace, compassion, and empathy with a dash of the 12 Powers for good measure!


2022-09: Words Can Change Your Brain-Part 2; Absolute Word-World Peace

Metaphysical/Spiritual Podcast: Part 2 of exploring an article from Medium Daily Digest. Its title says it all, “Research Confirms that the Words we Say Can Change the Structure of the Brain.” And, actually, more. The article is based on a recent book by Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Jefferson University, and Mark Robert Waldman, a communication expert, who have published a book called, Words that Can Change Your Brain. This week we include two activities to support changing your brain in “right” direction. And have you heard of fumfering?