2023-04: Revisiting Spiritual Laws, Part 2; Absolute Word-Power-Dominion

MetaSpiritual Podcast- Revisiting SPIRITUAL LAW based on a document that Paul “rediscovered” in his files from 2015. We are scrutinizing them using our lens of “questioning un- questioned answers!” For this show, we explored the LAW of ALLEGIANCE, the LAW of SUPPORT, and the LAW of CONSCIOUSNESS.


2023-02: Neuroplasticity & Well-Being, Part 2; Absolute Word-Freedom

MetaSpiritual Podcast- Part 2 – We wrap up exploring “Neuroplasticity: How to Use Your Brain’s Malleability to Improve Your Well-being” by Megan Call who is the Resiliency Center Director for the University of Utah Health. We explore in some detail how we can intentionally engage the neuroplasticity of our brains.