2021-02: Unity Premises-Part 10 – Divine Ideas; Absolute Word-Potential

We continue our deep dive into the Premises! This week we went some interesting places around the concept that everything that changes is “underwritten by” unchanging DIVINE IDEAS. The importance of discerning whether something is changeable or not as well as whether we can actually change something cannot be over-estimated! All material things represent SPIRITUAL REALITIES! There is also one of our favorite quotes from Myrtle Fillmore on prayer.


2021-01: Unity Premises-Part 9 – Soul Dominion; Absolute Word-Release

This podcast focuses in on how we are each the King or Queen (Both?!) of our own consciousness … our own thoughts and feelings. We could say we have sole … soul dominion! We also explore how everything that changes is fundamentally based on PRINCIPLES! Along the way, we get into implicate and explicate orders!