2022-15: Consciousness-Part 2; Absolute Word-Easter

Spiritual Podcast: T– We continue exploring a blog post by Ervin Laszlo entitled, The Consciousness Revolution. The long and short of it … consciousness is NOT an epiphenomenon of the brain. Consciousness could and does exist beyond the brain.


2021-35: Consciousness Revisited; Absolute Word-Balance

This week we revisit consciousness adding a third component to our definition based on an article from the National Institutes of Health entitled, “Biological Bases of Consciousness: Mechanisms of Arousal and Cerebral Integrative Function.” We focus on the section entitled, “A clinically relevant definition of consciousness.” We explore the three components and how they relate to radical self-responsibility and being the best we can be.
The Absolute Word is “Balance,” from September 5, 2021!