2020-19: Oneness of Everything (Spinoza)-6; Absolute Word-ORDER

Part 6 of “Spinoza: The Oneness of Everything.” We wrap up our discussion of attributes and finish this series looking at what Spinoza called determinism. The big surprise for us what how the concept of free will is tangled up with “reward and punishment” in the afterlife!


2020-16: Oneness of Everything (Spinoza)-3; Absolute Word-FAITH

Part 3 of “Spinoza: Substance.” We explore how Spinoza’s understanding of Substance has a remarkable resemblance to New Thought’s understanding. Coincidence or ? Retro-causation, Does God have a cause? And … Principle, Idea or Attribute … which is the better term?


2020-15: Oneness of Everything (Spinoza)-2; Absolute Word-Use PRINCIPLE

Part 2 of “Spinoza: The Oneness of Everything.” We wrap up our exploration of and dip our toes into Substance. Along the way, there is another Bil-ism! Listen for it! Is God expressing? Is God actualizing? Just what, if anything, is God up to? Listen as we pick apart the philosophies of Spinoza’s time!